Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is Love Really A Reality?

I am a romantic at heart. Probably too much so. I believe in the whole dream of having a soul mate. A person that is your best friend and your lover. Someone that is so close to you that they can say the words you want to speak before you speak them.

Someone that knows you better than you know yourself.

A person that will laugh with you when you want to laugh. Be the shoulder you lay your head on when you cry. Someone that you enjoy so much, that you could talk to them for hours and hours, and never get tired of being with them.

Someone that fascinates you. Interests you. And most of all, makes you feel loved, like you've never been loved before.

Does this exist? Or is it just an imaginary dream?

Is it just my romantic mind.. wishing for something that will never be there for me?

For me, this kind of love, if it exists, makes life worth living. If it doesn't exist - I'm afraid I do not find life to be a worthwhile venture.


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