Sunday, August 7, 2011


Uncertainty. I hate it. Ever felt like this in a relationship?

"You don't give me your full attention anymore when we talk. You look around. Do other things.

When we talk, often times, I listen to you, ask about you... yet when I want to tell you about me, you suddenly cut off the conversation. Surely this is not a good sign.

I'm often left with the idea that your feelings and my feelings don't quite match up anymore. Why is this? Why is it that you can tell me how you feel, act very loving... and yet, I question it later on. Is it just me? Or is my intuition right? How can I tell?

What am I to do?

I don't want to be your loving puppy dog. I'm not going to keep pouring out my heart to you if the love is not returned in the same amount.

I'm nobody's fool. I've been through relationship "games" and I am not in the mood. Be straigthforward about how you feel and express yourself so I will stop having doubts!

I am straightforward about my love. If you aren't giving me the same treatment.. I'm left to feel that you don't really care anymore."

For God's sake, as Madonna put it - EXPRESS YOURSELF!

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